Multilingual audio and video

Audio/Video Services

We provide a full range of audio and video services to suit your needs and your budget. We are there to help you at every step, from selecting your preferred voice through to delivery of your finished media.

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Voice Talent

Choose from our extensive database of multi-lingual voice talents covering 35+ languages. Each artist is experienced and auditioned, and only those who fulfil exacting criteria are placed on the database.

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Your focus is on language excellence in all your projects. When localized audio is required, HBV Studios is your natural choice.

Localized Audio »

Top quality web-based educational material can benefit from localized video and audio created by experts. We can help.

Audio for e-Learning»

Here at HBV Studios, our teams of experienced directors, voice talent and engineers deliver results that are targeted, effective and cost-conscious.

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Welcome to HBV Studios


We are the experts in delivering your message to a global audience.

Located in Dublin, Ireland, we specialize in providing audio recordings and multimedia services in English and over 35 other languages.

We work with some of the leading organisations in the fields of digital media, e-Learning and localization. With a proven reputation for delivering high quality audio and video content, we find our clients coming back to us time after time for our reliable, cost-effective services.


Our ten years’ experience of delivering multilingual audio and video has resulted in robust production processes, which we apply consistently across all our clients’ projects.

We know that hitting the right message is critical for you and your audience. Our teams of expert audio directors, sound engineers and native-speaker language monitors partner with you to ensure our voice talents deliver your message the way you want it.

With our three industry-level audio studios operating 7 days a week, we handle everything from bespoke, specialized one-off productions to large-scale, repeat audio and video projects where consistency is key.