Multilingual audio and video


Founded as an independent company in 2008, HBV Studios grew out of a dedicated audio production department within a multinational localization company. Our history of producing multi-lingual audio and associated services goes back well over a decade.

To date, HBV Studios itself has produced over 20,000 hours of audio using our three studios based in Dublin, Ireland. Everyone working for HBV Studios has experience and understanding of the realities and challenges of audio-video production.

All projects undertaken by HBV Studios are driven by our goal to do the very best we can for our clients. Our company ethos rests on three central pillars:

Communication: Our desire to engage with you - to understand the requirements you have and the challenges you face. We are on hand to respond to your requests at any time, whether that be by email, telephone or VOIP. From initial quote requests and project analysis to final delivery, we stay in contact with you to ensure your expectations are being met and exceeded. As a solution provider we are happy to manage your entire project with little input from you, but when you want hands-on involvement then we welcome your instructions, input and feedback.

Quality: Our absolute commitment is to quality and cost-efficiency. Through a combination of defined QA steps at every point of production and a targeted analysis of your project requirements, we can ensure consistent top-quality deliveries that match your expectations and your budget. We are not a one-size-fits-all operation; we devise the best solution for you... and you only pay for what you need.

Reliability: Our belief that our well-designed work processes will provide you with the consistency and reliability you demand. Reliability is key to multimedia production - you want consistent quality, on-time delivery and all to match your budget. Our defined and tested processes allow us to plan and stand over every production, and guarantee the quality you demand every time. We tailor our project plan according to your specific requirements, and are flexible and responsive enough to react to any changes with little or no impact on the overall process.

Our robust process steps include the following:

The HBV Studios team is made up of our database of 150+ voice talents and language monitors, supported by our core management team:

Hugh BarfordHugh Barford, Managing Director and Creative Director

Conor Mac EvillyConor Mac Evilly, Studio Manager

Sarah O’MalleySarah O’Malley, Production Manager

Alan SmithAlan Smith, Senior Engineer

Patrick DunnePatrick Dunne, Commercial Director