Multilingual audio and video


Your focus is on language excellence in all your projects. When localized audio is required, HBV Studios is your natural choice. We have an understanding of your projects, requirements and deadlines, and our Project Managers work with you to ensure your demands are met and your expectations exceeded. Our core staff have all worked in the localization industry, and their years of experience inform and guide our working processes. And once the audio has been recorded, we can provide the necessary integration and video editing services to hand back the completed project to you.

Case Study 1

We were asked to provide voiceover recordings in ten languages for a management training course. All ten languages were recorded in our Dublin studios. The audio was post-produced and then sent to the client, who integrated the audio into the Flash-based running course. Click to hear examples of the audio recorded for this project.

Brazilian Portuguese


Simplified Chinesee


Case Study 2

We provided synchronised audio recording and integration for localized versions of Salesforce’s advertising videos. The results can be viewed here:


Case Study 3

Our client – a global provider of localization services - asked us to unravel a complex legacy project involving 21, 000 words of updates to be voiced by six separate voice talents across 6 languages. Four separate audio studios had been involved in providing the initial recordings, and the brief included using the original voice talents.

HBV Studios took sole responsibility for the project management of the entire project. We liaised with the studios to get the updates recorded using the original talents – and brought the project in on time and within budget.